Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Picking Up of the Shoes

You may have heard of the Running of the Bulls, but have you ever heard of the Picking Up of the Shoes? If you're married, you may unknowingly be familiar with and/or have participated in this event. For me, the Picking Up of the Shoes occurs weekly.

I clean on Friday afternoons and it is on that day I run the Picking Up of the Shoes. I am the current record holder pending a response from the Guiness Book of World Records. Just so you know.

This event consists of scouring every single room in the house for Joey's shoes. There will be a pair of shoes in each room.

Now, Joey is a relatively clean guy and not too messy, but he has this thing with the shoes! Oh and cabinets, but I'll save that for a later post. One can only take so many of my random musings at a time.

I pick up each pair of shoes and put them in his closet.

Hey baby, have you seen my flip flops? Yeah, I put them in your closet.

Hey baby? Have you seen my bike shoes? Yup. There in your closet.

It goes on like this for several pairs until all are out and ready for the next Picking Up of the Shoes. Kinda like the Circle of Life, but umm...for shoes...being left out. Just go with it.

Me: Hey Baby, have you seen my tennis shoes? Joey: Yeah, I think I saw them in the living room.


Oops. Ok, so maybe he's not the lone contributor to the Picking Up of the Shoes. I might toss a pair in here or there, you know...just to keep the Circle of Shoes going.


  1. This is great! Such an insightful thing to write about. Your post could quite literally be about my husband (well, and me too).

  2. Stacey - yes I've talked with other wives and we're not alone. In fact, I remember my Dad always leaving his shoes out too. I think males may be more predisposed genetically speaking ;)

  3. WOW!!! This is Chris to a T! One he has more shoes than me and two I find them absolutely EVERYWHERE! And if you are talking about cabinet, Chris leaves them open all the time. REALLY?!!! lol The joys of marriage!

  4. I can't say that he has more shoes than I do, but it's a lot for a guy. That is EXACTLY what I'm talking about with the cabinets. I walk into the kitchen and it looks like a poltergeist has been there!