Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh the places you'll go!

We are back from our spontaneous vacation. It's kind of nice going just an hour away. We weren't all worn out from traveling to our destination and when we decided to head home, it wasn't a big deal. Pretty relaxing.

Here are a few things of note from our trip:

We stayed in Galveston at the Hotel Galvez.

Joey forgot the most essential piece of beachwear and was forced to purchase lime green plaid swim trunks. Oh yes.

We forgot our camera. This is where spontaneity comes back to bite you and why this post does not contain pictures.

We went to the beach once to walk on the shore which further affirmed our previous decision to hang out at the pool the rest of the time.

I found out that Joey has an intense dislike for sand. See people, this is why you and your spouse just need to get away sometimes. Oh, the important things you learn about each other.

A self-described "very very homosexual" man who had one too many and hung out at the pool the whole day hit on my husband and in short, said that he was quite jealous to be in my position. Back off buddy, this is my lime green plaided husband.

Our favorite dinner was at Gaido's where we had a dinner guest: a gecko. He stuck around for the main course, but was apparently too full to stay for dessert.

Joey almost convinced me to get a tattoo, but I settled for an equally shocking yet less permanent purchase: a hat. I'm still wondering if it was a mistake.

So that was our little getaway in a nutshell. Crazy wild, I know. That's just how we roll.

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