Monday, January 17, 2011


Well. Today is day 1. Day 1 of the the yeast-free eating program and Day 1 of getting back into the swing of things at the gym. I am just now starting my resolutions. Too busy from the holidays and I tend to want to hibernate when it's freezing outside. Do you get that way? I seriously don't want to move and could roll up like a doodle bug on the couch when it's cold.

But I've gotta start sometime!

Joey and I do the yeast-free eating program about twice a year. This time we're doing a modified version. I know all of our friends and family think we are totally weird. It's okay, we're used to the funny looks. I would probably look at me funny too. Here's the skinny:

What we can have: meat, veggies, fruit (usually after two weeks on the strict diet, but that's one of our modifications), legumes and nuts.

What we can't have: dairy, sugar, grains, simple carbs, alcohol, vinegar products (another one of our modifications that Joey and I are going to allow).

The goal is at least 30 days following this diet. There are some places that I will be cheating however, such as at book club which is being held at Oh La La. I mean, like that's going to happen. For me, the biggest effect of this eating program is de-puffing. That's the only way I can describe it.

For a day in the life of Joey and I on the diet, we had egg cups for breakfast (yummy, ask me for the recipe), I had a throw together lunch of celery and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, and dark chocolate almonds, and for dinner we had meatloaf with cauliflower and broccoli. Not bad, huh?

Now, on the gym side of things I didn't do so well. I did make it, but it didn't go as planned. But it's not my fault I promise! I can't help it that I'm a sucker for older men.

Here's the deal, the elderly gentleman who checks people in at our gym had my ear. He wanted to talk tonight and I just couldn't say I had to go. So, I missed my class and talked to Bill instead. I settled for a vigorous 30 minutes on the elliptical. Let me tell you, I worked my butt off for those 30 minutes. Or at least that was the goal. I thought I was still feeling the burn when I got in my car, but a block later I realized that I just left my seat warmer on. A girl can hope!

Now, if only the temperatures stay above freezing maybe I can stay motivated!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Houston's Best Culinary Experience: Chateau de Perot

When you come to dine at Chateau de Perot, you will be served the special cuisine of the house.

If our friend Casey would have stayed for dinner long enough, she would have been able to taste the delicacy herself. She would have also discovered the source of the mysterious smell that permeated the air two hours prior to our enlightenment.

No, it's not dark chocolate brownies.

Or chocolate cake.

Actually, not chocolate at all.

But rather, it is Blackened Jalapeno Cornbread Briquettes, which give off a lovely eau de charcoal aroma. Guests may use leftovers to balance a wobbly table, as a brillo pad, or if skilled in the art of charcoals, a self-portrait maybe done during the meal.

You may want to place your reservations to Chateau de Perot immediately before word of this culinary coup gets around and we apply for a Groupon. Bribes are accepted. I like chocolate.

We may be able to get you a table in the back around mid-April. But don't get your hopes up.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunday Drive

I am wearing Sponge Bob socks. I just thought you would want to know. They have little sponges (is that little Bob's?) at the heels like those strange socks with cotton balls. Except mine are cool. As cool as Sponge Bob socks can be. Nothing screams attractive to my husband more than Sponge Bob footies. He's a lucky man, what can I say? I won't post any pictures because there has been enough of that stuff going around in the media lately and I don't want it to come back to bit me later especially during my political campaign. Oddly enough, this has nothing to do with this post except that I'm looking at my crossed feet from over my laptop screen.

Here is something of slight increased importance:

We sold Joey's truck this weekend. I might have well just said "We sold Joey's only child this weekend." Goodness, he loved that truck!

But it was a wise decision. In June we will have (or would have) both of our vehicles paid off. Ugh! So close! My goal is to not have a car payment and to buy a car with cash. I've had a car payment since I was 17.

Joey's truck was having problems. My car was having problems. Our birds heads are falling off. (Dumb & Dumber reference) All this equals the need to make a vehicular (you know what? I didn't know that was a word, but spell check didn't say anything so if I have just said something lewd, please excuse my ignorance) decision.

(side note, I promise I will not include a parenthetical phrase after every sentence.)

However, we were not quite at the point to buy a car with cash - or at least not one that would get us around the block - so, we made the disciplined decision to finance a small amount and get something practical. Practical ended up being a 2009 Hyundai Sonata, which is quite a bit newer than I expected!

Joey seems to have a bit of a grudge toward this poor little car because it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Black Beauty, so naturally I have taken shine to it because I always like an underdog. I think it's a pretty car! So, Joey and I will probably switch. I just need something to get me to where I need to go with air conditioning and preferably no squealing. He'll drive La Fonda the Honda III (my baby) and I will drive Sunday the Hyundai. That's my name for it, I think. I'm still trying it out. I think all cars should have names, don't you?

Monday, January 10, 2011


Happy Monday! How was your day? Bogart and I are just hanging out on the couch waiting for Joey to come home from his new J-O-B!

That's right, that's one of the big changes for 2011. Joey's first day was today or IS today rather, as he is not home yet. He is now officially in commercial insurance. I am so excited for this new opportunity for him! It will come with a few much needed lifestyle adjustments while he gets his footing, but I'm actually excited about them! There is no better time in our lives for taking chances than now, so we are embracing them! God has worked in both of our hearts to make this a smooth and peaceful transition. Thank you, Lord!

Oh, the new employee just walked in. I need to see how it went! As long as I'm not getting any The Firm vibes, we're good to go! ;) I'll check in with you tomorrow!