Monday, May 3, 2010

Here's Lookin' At You Kid

Guess who just got a haircut today? Mr. Bogart himself. That's right, our very own little junkyard dog. He's kind of like his mom who's apparently on the semi-annual haircut wagon. I dropped him off before work this morning at the vet where he traumatized a teacup yorkie and then peed on my foot in his excitement. Yes, Joey and I have two well-behaved dogs.

Gus says "I don't know who this kid with the girly bandana is, but he's not my brother." He still sniffing him out.

Anyway, I've really been looking forward to this although our time of having a well-groomed and lovely smelling dog are counting down by the second. All Bo has to do is step one paw outside the threshold of the door and he automatically assumes the smell of a vagabond dog. He just can't help it. His little body is so close to the ground and he has such crazy hair that he's like a little canine mop.

So in order to bask in Bo's glory for a while, we had a photoshoot:

Well, after he threw a fit and tried to get the 'clean' off of him.

Give me a far away look. Yes, that's it. Now, how about a profile shot?

Perfect. Way to show off your Hawaii Five-O bandana.

And work it, work it. Very mysterious.

And it's a wrap folks. Model is down for the count. He's had a long day.

While Bo is getting his beauty rest, Joey and I are having dinner with the Owens family. We can't be more excited to see what's going on in their world and welcome the newest addition to their family: Dylan.

Hope everyone has a nice night!


  1. Ha! Love the photo shoot!! Hawaii five-o bandanna...priceless!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! Yeah, Joey said it made him look a little fruity so he took it off. But I think he looks quite smashing if I don't say so myself! :)