Monday, May 10, 2010

Church Shoppin'

That's right. Joey and I are church shopping. This is bittersweet. We absolutely love Houston's First Baptist, but we've known for a while that we would have to make the switch to a church nearer to us when we have kids. And this does not mean that the kid factor is upon us, it's just the right timing to make the transition. Don't get any ideas.

So, we've been shopping around. Living in Katy is like being inside the Baskin Robbins of churches. There's one on every corner. So many churches, so little time to try each one.

A church shopper has a lot on the mind. Or at least we do. We usually sit in the back to get the lay of the land. Scan the bulletin. Take in the surroundings.

Here are a few of the major criteria upon which we are basing our decision:

Would we be excommunicated if we wore jeans?

How do the communion wafers compare?

Is the probability of singing When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder greater than .725?

How is the bulletin from a grammatical standpoint?

Pressured to participate in hand motions while singing?

Pressured to keep our hands firmly at our sides while singing?

I've thought of designing a scorecard for Joey and I to take along with us during our visits dividing it up into technical and artistic merit, but haven't come up with an accurate system.

Ok, just kidding...on most things.

Seriously, the elements we are looking for are:

1. Strong Biblical teaching - we want to have to have our Bibles out and be in them.
2. Cohesiveness of the body among all ages
3. Opportunities for fellowship and growth

Oh and I soo want to throw a #4 in there for music, but I'm learning that the possibility of the worship music being like HFBC is kind of a high standard and a long shot.

So this is tough. We've been to a couple that we really like and I think we still have a few more to visit. If you have any suggestions for great churches near the Katy area, please send an email to jennyperot[at] with 22 reasons why we should choose your church. Kidding, totally kidding. Please do not stamp me with a big scarlet letter for 'sacrilegious'. I promise we are taking this very seriously.


  1. Awww, this makes me sad! Even though we aren't in the same Sunday School class and we never really see each other on Sunday mornings, I still like knowing you guysa are there. I do hope you find a great one though!

  2. J - Me too. This has been a REALLY tough decision. We both feel that it's for the best so that we can really be involved within our community. I'm going to miss knowing we're in the same building too! BUT we WILL still get together. Ok, before I start crying I'm going to end my comment. Done. :)

  3. I would tell you about our church, but I'm pretty sure you've heard of it already :)