Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toto We're Not in Texas Anymore!

Or at least it feels like it. What the heck is up with this weather? It has snowed twice in 2010 so far. That's right, snowed.

In Houston.

And the first time was real snow. The kind that gives snowmen job security for at least a day. So last night we had just a few flurries, but it was unmistakably snow. Normally, snow for us is "Oh, if you focus your eyes on that black car over there you might see it!"

As much as I'm liking the whole snow anomaly thing, I'm ready for spring to get here. I'm more of an "in-between" seasons kind of a person and enjoy spring and fall but not so much the extremes. We should well be on our way by now into some spring-like weather and here we are having snow storms.

I like cold weather for a short period of time and only because it makes certain things possible; like scarves, coats, a lit fireplace, hot chocolate and snuggling (see previous post). I'm not the girl who wears her Uggs when it hits a degree below 70, but you get the picture. (By the way, I think I might be the only girl who doesn't have a pair of Uggs) If I had known that we were going to have a true Winter, I would have expanded my winter wardrobe a little.

So, come on Spring! I know you can do it! I'm running out of clothes to wear! Get some gumption (fun word)! Just push Old Man Winter out of the way! This may be how they do it up North, but has he ever heard of 'when in Rome'? We're in Texas for goodness' sake!

Scarves, coats, and hot chocolate aside, to everything there is a season, turn, Please.

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