Monday, February 22, 2010

Are You A Snuggleupagus?

Are you a snuggler? Do you have a propensity to snuggle?

Do you gravitate toward body heat?

If you're in bed do you tend to roll to the middle toward your spouse or a pillow?

If given the choice, would you rather share a couch or have one to yourself?

If you answered each of these questions in a positive fashion toward snuggling, you are most likely a Snuggleupagus. Snuggleupaguses or Snuggleupagi, take advantage of any opportunity to snuggle, cuddle, or be close to loved ones. Personal space between spouses, in the physical sense, would be virtually non-existent if left up to a Snuggleupagus.

This is not just heresay, this is coming directly from a Snuggleupagus: me. All of the aforementioned traits fit me to a tee. Ok, so it's not surprising since I came up with the Snuggleupagus Testing Standards, but I'm just saying I'm guilty.

There are three camps that are reading this blog:

1. Fellow Snuggleupaguses that can relate
2. Snuggleupagus cynics
3. Those that cringe just thinking about their personal space being invaded

Regarding the last two, please refer to the FAQ below:

Snuggleupagus FAQ

Have you always been a Snuggleupagus? No, before I met Joey this was too ooey gooey for me. I was a cynic and laughed at people like me.

What led you to becoming a Snuggleupagus? Falling in love.

Is Snuggleupagusing the same as being clingy? No. One needs it the other just likes it.

Do many people know you're a Snuggleupagus? No, only Joey and my family know this about me. I'm not even the type that greets with a hug.

Does your Snuggleupagusness invade others' personal space? First, my snuggle tendencies only apply to Joey and immediate family. Secondly, I know my limits.

Does Snuggleupagusness ever become a problem? Well, at the beginning of our marriage Joey and I had to get our sleeping styles down. Apparently some people can't sleep with others glued to them. I can't imagine why this is a problem. I just gravitate to body heat, what can I say? Joey's a snuggler too but not while he sleeps because he wakes up too easy and I'm kind of a wiggle worm. Also, I tend to have unreasonably high body heat so he gets hot. So umm, yes I guess it has caused problems but they were small and are now resolved.

Does being a Snuggleupagus ever get old? Apparently when I'm dead asleep. Lately, Joey has asked me in the middle of the night if I want to come closer to him because he knows I love to snuggle and I just flat out tell him "No." I am not responsible for the things I do in my sleep. As I've said and done some pretty weird stuff in my sleep, he's trying not to take the rejection too seriously. A Snuggleupagus never turns down snuggling in her right mind.

What is a Snuggleupagus' love language? Touch, of course.

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