Monday, February 8, 2010

An American in Paris

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Were you cool with the outcome? I am happy the Saints won because they're the Underdogs. I always go for the Underdogs unless the Cowboys or Texans are playing. I love Petyon Manning, but he's the guy who always wins this sort of thing. So Saints it was for me last night.

But I have to say, I felt pretty bad for Peyton. Especially when he threw the game-sealing interception. I asked Joey, "Don't you feel bad for Peyton Manning? One bad pass after a zillion successful ones and it's over." His answer: "No, he shouldn't have made that pass. That's sports." Well, humph. What is it with boys, empathy and sports? It's non-existent.

Anyway, on to one of my favorite things about the Super Bowl. The half-time show and the commercials. Don't get me wrong, I love football but it wasn't like I had been following these teams all season.

The Who. Joey and I almost had a Who's On First moment when I told him Who was playing the half-time show especially when I said that sometimes I get confused between The Who and The Guess Who. If you're a classic rock fan this will make sense, if not - just gloss over this paragraph. My thoughts on their performance: not too bad musically for men in their late sixties and too much tummy from one of them. Reminiscent of a wardrobe malfunction, but I think it was intentional. Might have been ok when you were 20, but at sixty-something - just button up.

My absolute favorite commercial was Google's Parisian Love. Brilliantly creative all the while telling a story. My favorite combination. Let's relive it:

Don't you just love it? Maybe it's just me, but I get a little teary-eyed after watching it. I have an active imagination and I can see it playing out in reel life, but geez it's good. I told Joey as much right after we watched it. I knew it would be my favorite.

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