Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Losing Your Cool

Oh man. Today the AC was out on the first floor of our company. It started yesterday with our marketing office. And then the AC drought made its way through our entire department and eventually crept its way to include or rather disclude the whole first floor today. It was somewhere in the eighties in our office, but we persevered, not wanting to be relocated and thus severed from the codependent relationship that is our work and our desk. So we loaded up on iced water and pooled fans from other departments. The show must go on! The increased water intake made for excuses to momentarily retreat to the five degrees cooler oasis that was the restroom and the whir of the fans left my suitemate and I yelling at each other. Not because we were moody from the heat, but just because we couldn't hear over the fans. "Can I borrow your stapler!!" "What, you need cow paper!!" "No, the stapler, can I borrow it?!!" "I don't get it, what's cow paper?!!" After yelling back and forth a few times, we finally decide to turn off the fan. "Oh, so now cow paper then?"

It was a compressor. Duh, right? Why didn't we think to plug the compressor in? Ok, not that easy. A new one had to be air lifted by crane to the top of the building. We should be fully compressed by tomorrow. There are a few things that I have learned today. First, mirages are real. Second, sweat keeps fly aways truly away. Third, I know I need to THANK YOU LORD FOR AIR CONDITIONING!!


  1. Our air compressor went out last Thursday night... so hot!

  2. Oh no! I feel your pain. What is it with compressors these days - they just don't make 'em like they used to...;)