Monday, July 6, 2009

The Borrowers

Joey and I are now card carrying members of The Library. Crazy exciting, right? What can I say? That's just how we roll. This idea came about during our budgeting for Dave Ramsey when we realized that we are apparently building a book collection to rival that of the Library of Congress. Unfortunately, ours is not funded by tax dollars although, in light of current events, I have considered appealing for stimulus funding.

The library holds good memories for me. My Dad, being an avid reader, has made a weekly trip to the library ever since I can remember. He still has a little cabinet where he keeps his weekly library books in the kitchen. I got to tag along with him and as such became a bookworm at an early age. I would look forward to this trip each week and would go back and forth on which books I would pick out. Nancy Drew? Maybe Anne of Green Gables or Little Women? How to choose? In fact, I loved the library so much that there was a short period of time in elementary school during which I thoroughly believed that a career path as a librarian was in my bright future. What could be more heavenly than being in a building filled with books? Yes, I was a nerd. My plan was to make friends with the librarians at our local library and learn the Dewey Decimal System. Then I would vie for a summer job and gets hands on experience. From there that would catapult me into a markedly successful career and an assured position for Best Librarian Ever. As you can see, I liked to think big. Turns out that making friends with librarians is tough business. As all verbal communication ends with shhhhhh, you are confined to communicating with your eyes and a smile. It doesn't help when you return your books late either. So librarian was replaced, I think with a short stint as a future marine biologist.

Fast forward to today. I am still a nerd. I have convinced my husband, who has always been The Cool Kid to be The Nerd for a while as well. He has yet to pick out his first library book. My first book from our library is The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom. I have been wanting to reread that one for a while. Small problem, or rather large I guess. And this tickled me. The only copy in the library is one in large print. There are positives to this. I can read it from across the room.

I would let you borrow it, but then again, that's what I'm doing. Oh and by the way, the library has gone modern and now your library card is on your key chain! I'm sure the Best Librarian Ever came up with that one.


  1. I'm reading the same book (The Hiding Place)! What a weird coincidence. AND I checked it out from the library just last week!!!! I thought that was too funny not to share. Hope you are enjoying the read as much as I am. I enjoyed the book when I read it as a teenager. Funny how different my perspective is reading it as an adult.

  2. Oh-my-gosh, that is eerie...I read it as a teenager too. I love it so much. I will probably blog about it, in fact. It had me with tears on my cheeks last night. I'm in the last few pages...