Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lasic is never in the cards for me...

Today I had an appointment with the eye doctor. I have a fear of eye appointments. Yes, I know that there are many other kinds of doctor's appointments that should rank higher up on the Do Not Like List, but for me this is ranked a very close second. It boils down to one thing: I'm a pansy when it comes to my eyes.

It is a miracle that I wear contacts. Before the necessity of the latter (I had perfect vision until college), if I had an eyelash in my eye, I would cry it out rather than touch my eye. Putting on mascara was seen as a potential hazard. And eyeliner? Woah, talk about hazardous! I was not volunteering to poke out my own eye. Anyone who came within a 5 inch radius of my eyes was asking for trouble. I have been told - by the eye doctor - that I have incredibly strong eye reflexes. This would be why, when I was first fitted for contact lenses, the nurse had to call the doctor in to put the contacts in my eyes as I was not cooperating with her. It was not me, I swear! My lids have a mind of their own and they're just into protecting their main assets. Anyway, I have since become accustomed to wearing contact lenses. I'm practically a pro. Eye drops are still a step overboard. If use is necessary I put a drop or two on the side of my eye and let it roll in.

Today was an overall good experience and I feel that I am slowly overcoming my fears. He did not peform the "Puff Test" which I had been mentally preparing for all day. However, he did call me out on the fact that I had scheduled my appointment at a time when going back to work was a must, thus making dilation impractical of course. I can't say that this was not in my plan. He's making me come back in next week for that one. The only negative thing about today was the part where they ask you to take out your contacts in a side room and then tell you to just find your way to the exam room when you are finished. I found my way to the exam room by feeling the walls and checking for labels in Braille - just kidding - it wasn't that bad, but I was wondering what those in worse shape than Eye do to get back to the room. This was my first time to this doctor's office. For all they knew I could have been legally blind. I may mention next week as a customer service recommendation that a guide to and from the exam room or large-lettered signs would be helpful...

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