Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It's so nice to finally be at home and here for the night! Joey and I just got back from working out, dinner's in the oven, and Bo is about to get the ultimate scrub down. He doesn't know it yet, but a bath is on its way after dinner. He's not so bad at the bathing part as he is at the drying half of the process. He becomes the Bomaniac when the hair dryer comes on. He runs around the bathroom to escape and when he feels the first wave of air touch his fur he goes into psycho mode. It's hard to tell whether he looks as if he has just taken poison with all his writhing around or whether he is breakdancing, by this I'm referring to the spin moves. Toward the end he usually balls himself in a corner and gives in, but it is not without a valiant fight. I'll give it him, he's quite a showman. Maybe we should have brought Bo and Gus inside last night to watch the National Dog Show that was on TV. Maybe if they saw other dogs so well-behaved and sporting the clean/groomed look, they would take their grooming a little more seriously. Does peer pressure apply to dogs?

Let the breakdancing begin!

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