Saturday, February 7, 2009

Absolutely Over The Top Gorgeous Day!

Have you been outside today? It is amazingly beautiful! Forget the Groundhog - beautiful weather is on it's way! It's the kind of weather that makes you thank God for it as soon as you step outside. I think He likes to surprise us with days that just make us sit and admire His creation. It has been a peaceful morning. My husband is still sound asleep. I have done two loads of laundry, played with the dogs, quiet time, and reading. So I'm already satisfied with the day and it's only 9am - that's a great feeling. By the way, Joey doesn't usually sleep in like this at all. We usually try our very best to sleep in, but it never happens. 7:30 is about as good as we get. Why is it that in high school it was torture to get up before 8am? Anyway, Joey wasn't able to fall asleep until 5am. He told me that this morning and I was like "Wuh?". For me this is a foreign concept, not being able to fall asleep, that is. My head hits the pillow and I'm off to dreamland 0 seconds flat. Oh, Sleeping Beauty just woke up. We are going to get our Saturday Starbucks this morning, which is always a treat. On the agenda today is cleaning, working out, Joey's going riding, a little bit of work, painting, picking out paint colors (Yuck! I do not like all the decision making that goes along with this), and simply enjoying the day. My favorite kind of Saturday with lots of room to breathe!

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