Monday, January 5, 2009

Unplanned Progress

At the beginning of every New Year I attempt to become one of those Organized People. I love all things organizational. Drawer dividers, filing systems, bins, planners, notebooks, etc. I absolutely love trips to The Container Store. I enjoy infomercials promoting organizational products. However, I am terribly and unfortunately unorganized. How can this be? I do not by nature fall into the category of those Ordained to be Organized. I am not a hater or a poser, but simply...a wanna-be. For instance, every year I take great pains to pick out The Best Personal Planner. I then proceed to put everything on the calendar that I know to be in the upcoming year at the time. If I know I'm going to be eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich next Wednesday - it's penciled in. I write everyone's birthdays down. A friend I haven't seen since high school who has the same birthday as me is on the list. I jot down grocery lists, To Do lists, meals planned for each day, the number of times I brush my hair daily, etc. I do this for about a week. And then notice a trend. I never look at it. I might write in it and say "Oh yes, let me put that on the calendar." and then it falls into the Planner Black Hole. Before too long, I am no longer using The Best Planner at all and instead survive on a jumble of sticky notes in my purse. In high school I was fortunate to not have died of ink poisoning due to the number of notes written on my hand in hopes of them making it home. Regardless of the much acknowledged trend, I have again purchased The Best Planner. I am determined that the year of 2009 for me, will be The Year of the Successful Planner. I am a week into it. So far so good. PB&J is on the calendar for next Wednesday. ;)

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