Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lunch Break Post

I am on my lunch break after letting our dog children out to roam the yard for a bit and thought I would write a quick post - and it'll be a quick one because I've gotta get back to work. Two orders of business:

1. To say that I am super excited about Beth Moore's new Bible study starting tonight: The Inheritance. Pumped I am!

2. And to tag some Honestees. That would be Liz, Laura, Justin, and Kristen. Some of these folks, I'm curious if you're still bloggin'. This is my way of checking. :)

And I'm on the phone with Joey right now. Apparently, Bo was bad this morning and is digging holes in the middle of backyard. Hmmm...being that this is my first dog, I'm really not sure what to do. He's so good when he's inside. But outside, he has made Gus' antics look like puppy play. Geez, the trials of parenting...

Back to work!!

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