Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 Things Honest About Me

Jana tagged me to share 10 Things if I'm Being Honest About Myself so here goes...

1)Well, this is a really selfish one to admit. The alarm on my cell phone is set to wake me up in the morning. Subconsciously (which sometimes is just a nice way of saying "secretly") I never intend to wake up with my alarm, but just let Joey wake me up AFTER he has been woken up by my 3 alarms. Joey is my 4th and final alarm. I think he might be on to me. Ouch! I am working on it...

2)My feet are not cute. The toe next to my big toe arcs like the Golden Gate Bridge and throws off the entire foot. To compound the problem, my feet are incredibly skinny. I have Hand Feet. These are feet whose toes could be confused as fingers from sheer length. I avoid shoes that put my feet in a bad light, such as those with skinny straps. Rule of thumb, or should I say toe, is to never wear shoes whose straps are skinnier than the Golden Gate Toe. Too much attention on the toes.

3)I do not like wine. I try to like wine. I feel uncultured that I don't like it, but if I'm going to splurge on something, I would rather it be a Coke. In certain social situations I will drink a glass of wine to make others feel better or at ease. I have tried to "acquire" the taste, but I would think I would have gotten it by now. I'm tired of acquiring. I think it tastes like sand water and my mouth feels like a desert after one sip. Yuck!

4)I think way too much about what others think and not enough about what God thinks. If I'm unsure about what I think about something I'll Google it, Wikipedia it, and poll the audience often times before I go to God in prayer or search for what He says about it in His Word.

5)I am an introvert by nature. Any extrovert behavior is learned.

6)Dumb things bother me. Like when people say "nucular" instead of "nuclear". Drives me insane! But really...does it matter? And things that should bother me, don't or at least I often don't say anything about them. I am more likely to pitch a fit about someone saying "nucular" than someone making off color remarks.

7)I often give more grace and patience to people I don't know than the people I love the most.

8)I am terrible at expressing disagreement with others outside of family. I would never have made it on the high school debate team. I avoid conflict like the plague. I used to be really bad about it. If I ordered a hamburger and got a taco instead, I would probably just say "Hey, I like tacos." and never mention it just to avoid confrontation. I've come along way. I'll ask for salsa on the waitress' way back now.

9)Joey is much better at picking out paint colors than I am and is as good as or better than I am in decorating the house. This is hard to admit for a girl by the way. Although, I have to say also just for my sake that he is pretty good. But it's hard to upped by your husband in this area. :)

10)I have no idea how to dress my blog up like everyone else's. I really don't even have a clue. Where is everyone getting all these crafty backgrounds from?

I will tag my next group of Honestees this week!

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