Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yes, You Are Beautiful

My husband is the best. I mean, he's really tops.

I bought a belly band that came with this little magnet in the package:

The manufacturer is smart. They clued into the fact that after one goes through the process of wiggling on a belly band, one is increasingly more aware of your widening thighs, hips and belly. So I guess this is to lighten the belly band induced blow a little.

I was planning to throw it away.

And then I had a really bummer of a morning that happened to include going through several outfit changes because things were either too small, too tight, too short on my tummy, made me look like a sack of flour with a concentrated lump, etc.

This experience was added to a really bad hair day. Not only have I not been to the salon since I found out I was pregnant, but I also haven't been able to run to the store the past two weeks and was out of shampoo. I've been using my husband's Head & Shoulders shampoo. Aside from smelling like Old Spice all day, there are other reasons this is a man's shampoo all of which translate to Homeless Hair.

To note, I would look like Sack of Flour with Homeless Hair for the rest of my life if it meant having this little baby girl. Hands down!

I was just having a low physical self-esteem day which we girls sometimes have to shake out of our systems every once and a while.

I ran across that little 'Yes, You Look Beautiful' magnet later on that morning and placed it on my mirror.

This was the day before yesterday. My husband left on a business trip yesterday and was away last night.

When I went to brush my teeth last night the magnet was gone and in its place was this:

Earthly beauty obscured my vision for the day, but my husband reminded me of the way that Christ views us. He thinks we're beautiful - the most valued of all His creation! He replaces the world's cheap statement of beauty with the real thing. How quickly I forget.

I'm sure our little girl, like all girls, will have a day(s) where she feels not so pretty. I'm hoping I can remind her that she is daughter of the King. And if she forgets this, He has given her an incredible earthly gift to help remind her of her true beauty and value:

She is my husband's daughter.

She is blessed. As am I.


  1. I had a father like that and I can testify that it goes a long way. He used to tell me that I should be on the cover of Glamour magazine. Now I could look in the mirror and know that would never happen, but I could never tell for sure if my father knew it was an impossibility:)

  2. That's a wonderful gift, Susan! So precious.

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