Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Shave November, Remember?







A few words about No Shave November and my husband.

No Shave November seems to last through June. And the prep work usually begins mid-October.

I have been duped. Ironic considering my profession, it's due to good marketing.

He's been quite wise to continue calling it No Shave November. The entire time we've been married I have been under the guise that my husband has a goatee. That's what I think of as part of his physical identity. But now that I have thoroughly assessed the situation and after looking through several pictures spanning multiple seasons, I have come to realize that I am married to a man with a beard; not a goatee. He shaves it off for only a few short months of the year and then hails in No Shave November as if it wasn't the norm. Clever.

Well played, bearded man.

But I'm on to you.

I have considered instituting my own No Shave November as payback, but cannot bring myself to suffer shame in shorts and a tank top at the gym. I may wear Uggs year round. Joey is not a fan of Uggs.

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  1. Omg if you participated on No Shave Nov, I guarantee you he would give in after a week!! Bahahaha uggs to the gym could be the newest trend! ;)