Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello Guv'nor!

Have you had a most dapper day? I've had a jolly good day, thank you!

I've been speaking in a British accent since this happened:

That would be about a day and a half.

Joey just looks at me funny. By jove, I can't help it, I tell you! My accent tends to be Jane Austen proper meets Harry Potter expressions meets Texas Twang on repeat. Mixed in with a bit'o Irish brogue from time to time just to keep him guessing. Blimey!

I'm feeling a bit peckish. That's hungry for the layperson. Cheerio, old chap!


  1. Ha - this is awesome because today is "Brittish Accent Thursday". My co-workers started this a couple of weeks ago just to liven up the afternoon and now every Thursday we talk in Brittish accents as much as possible. Mine morphs into a Scottish/Austrailian remix sometimes.

    This is Jana by the way...I guess somewhere online we are signed in to Greg's gmail account so it is picking that up.

  2. I would love to hear your Brittish accent! And someone in my neighborhood has also put up Christmas lights and one of those blow up santas. Too early! See you soon. I'm LOVING Little Women. It's so sweet.

  3. Jana, I knew it was you. Who else would participate in British Accent Thursday? :)

    I'm loving the book too, Lynn!