Monday, July 12, 2010

If You Air Condition It, We Will Come

This was the view from our bed as we woke up Sunday morning. I have never been so glad for a weekend to be over.

Our A/C went out Friday afternoon. Joey called the home warranty people and after accepting our claim, they thanked us for our request and politely replied that they would send someone out promptly on Monday.

MONDAY????? Do you know what this means home warranty lady? Three whole days of no A/C in Houston, Texas. She and I have different concepts of 'promptly'. Because it was already hot as Hades in our house, Joey and I decided to keep what little cool we had left by conserving our anger toward the home warranty people for cooler days. Like Monday.

Ok, so no A/C for a few days. Reminiscent of the Hurricane Days, only there's something about not being in it together with everyone else that makes it just not right. But, we can do this, right? We had a few friends that offered for us to crash at their place, but we thought we could do it. I mean, come on...air conditioning wasn't even invented until the last century. People had obviously made it through it and with layers of more clothing, I might add. Pioneers, shmioneers we could do it.

We got in late on Friday night (Joey's birthday and more on that in a later post) and made it through the night sans cool air.

And then it really hit: the heat wave. Day 1 with no A/C is one thing, but Day 2 is a whole different ball game. The heat has settled in.

With the way our house is situated, it's not very conducive to allowing breezes from outside to circulate through the house. It felt like a mausoleum.

We had to get out of there. We went to the mall. We went to Double Dave's. We looked at lawnmowers. We went to a few shopping centers. We went to Golfsmith. We went to Wal-Mart. We went out for dinner. We went exploring. My Dr. Seuss-like list has one common thread: air conditioning.

I made a few desperation purchases, you know the kind: I'm going without air conditioning so I deserve this. Not good.

But eventually we had to come home.

What were we thinking? We have not been conditioned for this! What was in the Pioneer's genes had probably mutated out by now. About 3AM when I woke up for the third time in sweat, I was wishing we had just gotten a hotel room. On Sunday after my grocery trip, I was beginning to envy the chicken I put in the freezer.

By Sunday night, our survival skills started kicking in. We moved all of the fans into the guest bedroom and slept which is cooler in comparison to our bedroom. And we made it!

Here's to Monday!

There are a few key players I need to thank that made our survival possible:

First, I would like to thank God who makes all things possible.

Thank you to my wonderful husband, who supported me throughout the weekend. You mean the world to me.

To Ice Cubes, thank you for cooling our drinks and our foreheads. Oh, and for sitting on my head so patiently while I experimented with balancing ice on my head.

Lukewarm Shower, you did your best. It's okay if you couldn't get that cold. You at least washed off the sweat.

And lastly to our fans: Wind Machine & Lasko Fan, your brilliancy with circulating air while we were sleeping is second only to the big kahuna A/C itself. We couldn't have done it without the support of our fans.

Thank you to all.

In all seriousness, glorious Air Conditioning, I love you.


  1. OH NO! I could not IMAGINE! You totally deserved whatever you purchased out of desperation...any girl would do that! PS-the Italian Cream Cake...O.M.G...SO GOOD!! :)