Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Entire Weekend of Eating

Whew! This weekend was busy, but fun! My family was in town. It went a little like this:

After work on Thursday I drove to Humble to meet Dad for the Mom Exchange. Ok, I didn't exchange anything, I just got Mom. We had a great time catching up on the drive and got back just in time to hang out with Joey for a little bit before turning in.

Friday morning as I left for work, Mom was moving back the coffee table to make room for her P90X workout. Yes, my Mom is doing P90X. This is crazy considering that last year my Mom couldn't walk further than more than 50 feet without being in pain. Her joint pain used to be debilitating until she started on our wellness program through my company. The bioidentical hormones have really changed her life. I can't believe she's doing P90X. I'm so proud of her!

We went to my favorite authentic Mexican cafe, grocery shopping and watched this week's So You Think You Can Dance DVR'd shows. My sister, JoAnna, came in on Friday night and we all went out for Mexican. Yum-o. The next morning we made migas together for brunch:

This is Jo makin' migas.

We headed to Katy Mills after the miga fest, where I proceeded to buy a pair of shoes. This is often the result of a mall trip for me, so it really comes as no surprise. My Dad and grandmother joined us Saturday afternoon. I know, the staggering of family members is a little strange. What can I say? We like to spread the love. Did I tell you that my grandmother is really spontaneous? Yup, she just picks up and goes. I'm so glad she came!

And what did we do next? Prepare for the next meal, of course. At my Dad's request, we made a home-cooked meal. Brie-stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, homemade macaroni and cheese, salad and grilled steaks and chicken. With apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Yum-o.

Here's Mom stuffing those delicious little mushroom babies with brie. To die for.

Look at this deliciousness!

Do you know what this means? I will not be eating for the rest of the month. Ok, that's already not true, but I'm just saying that I can probably put that loaf of bread on my hips. Was it worth it? Heck, yes.

What is the summary of this weekend? My family likes to eat. Correction, LOVES to eat. And I love my family. We love each other and we love to eat. Yes, that about sums it up.


  1. That's a very unflattering photo of me!!!

  2. What?! I didn't think so! I thought you look cute!