Monday, April 19, 2010

Picture Perfect Finish are you? I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend! Ours was pretty great.

On Sunday Joey completed his third MS150! That's a 180 (don't know why thy call it MS150) mile bike ride to benefit multiple sclerosis research. Yay, Joey! Where are the pictures? Well, gosh - why'd you have to go and bring that sore subject up? Geez...

Alright, well here it is:

I missed it. Joey crossing the finish line. I missed it. I left in plenty of time to get to Austin and then got stuck in standstill traffic from an accident for about 30 minutes, forced to drive 50 miles/hr. due to rain, searched for parking for another 30 minutes and then combine all that with the fact that Joey finished early and you got it: I missed it.

He called me when he was about half a mile from the Capitol waiting on his team and I was searching for parking. I thought I was going to make it. I ran to the finish line passing several bikers on the way (ok, I wasn't that fast), got out my Flip waiting for the moment to see him pass by phone rang. It was Joey. I had just missed the entire team go through the line. I felt like I had missed my child's graduation. Joey's didn't care that I had missed his finish, but still...I wanted to be there.

Anyway, that was a bummer. But, Joey did great! He made great time despite having three flats. I am so proud of him!

Funny side note: Joey left his flip flops in La Grange by mistake so he didn't have shoes to wear for the rest of the day. One of his team buddies let him borrow his flip flops for the day. You have to understand - Joey wears a size 14 shoe and this guy was probably one of the smallest in stature on the team. It was funny watching Joey walk around with half of his foot coming over the heel.

I promise to put pictures up as soon as I have them. Thankfully, there were plenty of people snapping pictures of the finish.

Way to go, Joey!!

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