Monday, December 14, 2009

Flat to Fabulous in Seconds!

No, I'm not talking about the latest and greatest push-up bra but as seen on TV, Bumpits. The makers of Bumpits claim that it will take your hair from flat to fabulous in seconds. If you haven't seen Bumpits infomercials on TV, they're just basically little half-moon shaped combs that you place under your hair to give it volume. It's kind of like implants for hair. Sort of. Well, not like hair plugs, but more like a hair lift. I have speculated that the lady on the Progressive commercial uses a Bumpit, but I haven't confirmed this.

I have been looking at a box of Bumpits on my counter for the past week. Joey and I bought it as a gag gift for a Christmas party last week and then left it at home by accident. We picked up a Topsy Turvy on the way instead. I was supposed to return it. Note the 'supposed'. Joey has asked "Hey, when are you going to take the Bumpit back"? "Oh, soon" I say. I am confessing to you now in confidence that I might not have taken the Bumpit back yet because I secretly want to try it.

Three things stand in the way of my using the Bumpits:

1. Joey would think it was a waste of $10
2. I unwittingly bought blonde Bumpits
3. I would feel like I was leading people on with my unnaturally large hair

I would like to find someone who has actually tried to 'bumpit'. Apparently the Bed Bath & Beyond where we bought it has run out several times from the demand. So there must be more people walking around with Bumpitted hair. There was a girl singing in the praise team at church on Sunday and I was almost sure she was wearing a Bumpit. The funny thing was that midway through, Joey leaned over and asked me "Do you think she wears a Bumpit?" He's on to us, ladies.

I think I'll circle the box a few more times before making my decision.


  1. I actually have the whole set of bumpits and I have to say that it does work! It works even better if you don't have thin hair (me) but its easy and I have used it several times. Keep it!

  2. I love the look of volume in the crown area but I had trouble using the bumpits. The teeth showed through my hair and they did not stay in place. Even my hairdresser couldn't do it.
    I did find Hair Poufs available online at bombshell beauty that I love to create that 60's sex kitten look.

  3. I have really fine thin hair so I've been thinking the teeth might show through my hair too. I'll check out Hair Poufs also. You know me, if it's too much maintenance I'll probably move on. Thanks Danielle and Queen! :)

  4. Michelle has a bumpit and it did not work at all - it wouldn't stay in her hair and it showed through - her hair is very similar to yours.....

    You can create your own bump using a teasing brush, hairspray and bobbypins - I do it all of the time - It works like a charm....

  5. Don't do it!!! It won't work on our hair. Do what Kristin says; that's what I've done with my hair in the past. Return the gift and spend the ten on something better =)