Monday, November 30, 2009

There's an app for that...

They weren't kidding. There is an app for That. I just recently got on the smart phone band wagon by purchasing a Motorola Cliq. It's basically T-Mobile's version of the iPhone. I am addicted to my phone, but it's gelled to my finger not to my ear. I can keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and my email all on one screen and I'm loving it. Seriously though, I have developed Phone Finger on the tip of my pointer finger.

Just this past week I finally looked at the app market. Oh. My. Gosh. I spent an entire Thanksgiving road trip looking at apps. I went back and forth between exclaiming "Who would want that?" and "Genius! Sheer genius!" I have only downloaded a few free apps despite Joey's requests that I download Anchorman and Wedding Crashers soundboards. I didn't tell him about the Fart Maker soundboard. That would have just been more than he could have handled.

Alright, I have to tell you about this one app. Since, I believe 100 percent of all visitors to this blog are female, I don't have any qualms blogging about this. If you're a guy, just stop here. No really, stop here.

It's about the menstrual cycle. See I told you that you should've stopped.

Alright, I've for sure lost any male stragglers by now with that note. That would stop my husband dead in his reading tracks for sure.

There is an app for tracking your period, ovulation, basal body temperature, etc. I was ecstatic when I came across that one. Being that I tend to go the natural route, I'm not on birth control pills so this subject is important. I never tracked anything prior to getting married so I'm not in the habit, which has led to me forgetting and counting things over and over. Oh the counting. Anyway, back to the app. It does all of this for you! It tells you when you should start for months out sans counting and it also tells you your most fertile times. And before your freak out and it gets back to my mother, no, I'm not planning a family right now, but it's just good to know. I just had to tell you because I thought it was so cool. Joey asked me, "What if someone wants to see your phone and they accidentally come across THAT?" Boys. We're not all SO weird about THAT.


  1. I have that app - not for the same reason - but no surprises at work! I love it!

  2. handy. Thanks for sharing! Good to know there are others who count.