Monday, November 9, 2009

Mac vs. I'm a PC

Microsoft has thoroughly used the "I'm A PC" campaign.

At first they had Kylie, the little girl who created a unicorn and fairy presentation using Windows 7. Or something like that. From what I remember, the presentation had little pop up conversation bubbles coming from cartoon teddy bears. I think the pop up bubbles exclaimed the virtues of Windows 7, but I'm not positive. I was looking at the teddy bears and fuzzy animals. Cute.

And then they showed us regular folks saying "I'm a PC" while doing regular things. Regular people use PCs. Relatable.

And now they have the people who say that Windows 7 was their idea. Makes me smile. I think it might be my favorite of the three.

However, I absolutely LOVE the Mac commercials. Simple and witty all at the same time. Somehow they've been able to make insult and criticism charming. It's like Mr. Rogers telling you you've been kicked out of the neighborhood. You'd be hurt, but geez, it's Mr. Rogers who couldn't raise his voice if he tried. (work with me, this is how my mind extrapolates) He would probably explain it so simply and gently that you didn't even mind being banished from the neighborhood. Now, that's skill. Here's another skill, they have characterized PC as dowdy and difficult and Mac as cool and easy. Genius! Hmmm...dowdy or cool, dowdy or cool...? I think I'll pick cool. By the way, have you seen the Verizon commercial with the phone that has been sent to the Island of Misfit Toys? Love it!

If this blog posts in mid-sentence it is because I'm using a PC and it's had enough. In fact, I've noticed a few flickers, particularly when I got to the last paragraph. But I'm going to say it and save quickly, in my opinion Mac has won the battle of the commercials these days.

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