Friday, May 29, 2009

Today's Gift

Today someone gave me true grace. I am thankful. I say "true" grace because often our grace is accompanied by an oh so subtle reminder to whom it was just given...that you gave it. At least this is how it often becomes tainted by yours truly. To receive true grace is usually a surprise. It's something that is often tangible only long after the gift has been given. Of course, you most likely received it fully at the time, but were cluelessly unaware. The knowledge of the gift creeps softly up behind you and taps you on the back and then you know. You sigh with relief as two emotions make their waves over you. One of joy and gratefulness. The other of shame at how little you choose to be the giver of grace. I was so struck by this today. And it occurred to me how I should be surprised by grace every day because I receive it every day, hour, and second of my life from my Lord and Savior. By Grace. He's where we get the true definition of grace. Undefiled grace. Incomprehensible grace. True grace.

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