Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paint By Number House Please?

This past weekend, Joey and I decided to paint our dining room. This has been on the To Do List for a while and a rainy day weekend was just what we needed for motivation. Choosing a paint color, to me, is like Chinese Water Torture. I had been going back and forth on paint colors for several months, much to Joey's Quick-to-Make-Decisions frustration. He had other suggestions for colors such as Tree Bark, but I really wanted a reddish room. I was looking for the color tag entitled "Red, But Not Too Red, Maybe an Orange Undertone, But Not Orange and Still Definitely Red". I just can't imagine why this color wasn't listed! At his encouragement, I decided on Cedar Chest. In my mind I was envisioning an understated spice/rust red, tying in a few accent colors in the kitchen. What I got was definitely NOT that. Apparently, Cedar Chest is synonymous with Fire Engine/Blood Red.

Joey preparing for what looks like Passover

Both of us thought well, maybe it just takes some getting used to. So we painted one wall. Then we sat in the dining room and just stared at the wall. Nope, there is no getting used to it. It had to go. That's it, I said! "I am DONE! This seals it, I am terrible at picking out paint colors. Joey, you go pick it out! I can't bear this rejection again. I'm finished!" I know a little dramatic, but keep in mind that this was not my first experience to be spurned by a paint color. I've been around the color wheel a few times. After much encouragement from my loving husband, Joey talked me into at least accompanying him to Lowe's, where we picked out Tree Bark. This is the color he wanted in the first place. And true to form, he picked out The Perfect Color. Although, discouraged that I will definitely not be the next Martha Stewart, I am incredibly blessed to have a husband who's paint selection skills rival those of Nate Berkus! Thank goodness!

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