Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Round Please!

Of aloe vera. Thanks to a weekend of intramural softball, I am burnt to a crisp. I may still have these tan lines when I'm 80. And they are nice let me tell ya. It's a tank top and partial face burn. The most frustrating part is that I put on sunscreen. Do compound word additions "screen" and "block" no longer mean what they did yesterday? I feel so betrayed! It's like getting shot by the police! A false sense security, I tell you. Ok, and I said that the most frustrating part was that I put on sunscreen, but I was mistaken. I reminded Joey to put on his sunscreen and I think he slapped a little haphazardly on here and there. Is he burnt? Nope! Not that I want him to be burnt, (one of us has got to be healthy enough to keep the aloe vera comin') but I can't help but exclaim "Wha? No fair!". It's like coming to class every day and failing a test, when the guy asleep on the back row makes an A. I'm not sure if my mistake was in not reapplying, too low an SPF, or maybe can sunscreen expire? Not sure. Bottom line: I used sunscreen and I'm still burnt.

This reminds me of the Sunscreen Song. Anyone remember that? Not quite so foolproof advice I guess. Oh well. Hopefully, it will just result in a few more freckles on my shoulders and if I amass enough of them maybe it will look like a permanent tan. Just maybe?

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