Monday, August 11, 2008

Up To Speed

Alright, so it's been a while since my last post. Mainly, because things have been busy. First and foremost, I want to ask for your prayers for Joey and his family. His Dad will be having bypass surgery in Houston on Thursday. This came up quite unexpectedly at the end of this past week and they flew to Houston for an emergency consultation with a heart surgeon after doing a heart cath. They are staying with Joey during the waiting period. Please pray that Joey's dad's heart and body are strengthened for the surgery and that it is successful. Also, that God gives the surgeon wisdom to make any decisions and that his skills are to perfection during the surgery. That the recovery will be swift and that he will heal completely and perfectly. And lastly, that his family will be strengthened and encouraged during this time. I will keep you posted, literally, on the situation. It looks like it will be a good surgery and your prayers are definitely appreciated!

On a very positive note, my roomie was married this weekend! Liz is officially Liz Dammel now! Yay! It was so much fun to be a part of their Big Day and Liz was absolutely beautiful! I had so much fun hanging out with her sisters and Mom getting everything ready. And I cried during the ceremony. I wanted to cover my face with my bouquet. I was not expecting this and it makes me a little nervous about my reaction to my own Big Day. Yikes! It makes me wonder if the real tradition of the bridal veil was started to give the blubbering bride time to get her act together and get one last good sniffle in. It's good that I've seen my emotional side lately so I can be adequately prepared. I think I might just be so very happy the day is finally come that I will be laughing and just so ready to get to the end of the aisle. But just in case, can you say waterproof mascara?

In other news, my future brother-in-law Josh, graduated from Texas A&M grad school! Congratulations, Josh! Joey was so proud. And Joey came up with a good idea to make it through an exhaustingly long A&M graduation ceremony: Skittles. Come in packin' right?! ;)

I will keep everyone posted on Mr. Perot's surgery. Thank you for all your prayers!

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