Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Post It Notes have Post It Notes!! EEK!

Alright, so things have been a little crazy lately. And this is in all aspects of my life. I wish I could have been blogging all that's been going on, but honestly I just haven't had a chance. Joey's parents went back to Louisiana this weekend and his dad is doing great. Please keep praying for his full recovery. Work has been nuts with a staff member being out for a week now so I'm swinging extra jobs and training someone. I'm spread out between our house, Carrie's house, and my parent's house. I'm craving a routine! I have always thought I was a flexible person, but I have to say that this flexibility has become a little wearing. I'm constantly saying things like "Where are my flip flops? Oh wait, maybe they're at Carrie's. Oh wait no, maybe I left them at my parent's house." I'm thinking I should just keep all the important stuff in my car. It's roomy enough to hold the necessities and travels with me to all locations. Thankfully, only 17 more days of No Routine Madness. Wedding stuff is going well! We're getting closer and things are really coming together. This weekend I had a bridal shower, met with the florist, the cake person, and the ceremony director and we finally ordered our wedding bands. Whew! Joey and I are going to Livingston this weekend to help get some of the last projects done. My mom just started school this last week so I know she's in need of lots of help. Anyway, I will try to be better on checking in on the blog. Right now, Joey and I are about to be off to dinner with our previous teachers, Jamie and Mimi Johns. They've promised to give us a little marital counseling tonight to prepare us for the upcoming life we're about to begin. And we are definitely grateful for advice from those two. Their marriage is a beautiful example of Christ's love and grace. It looks like it might rain so I guess we better get on the road. Gotta love unpredictable Houston traffic!

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