Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sometimes Life's Dark Chocolate

The day was full of little surprises. And they really might seem pretty small and uneventful to most, but it's those small occurrences that make up and characterize the day. They give you the day's flavor. If I had to put a flavor on today, it would be dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is at first a little bitter, but then it is totally redeemed by the richness of taste and you realize just how good it is. Whoever coined the term "bittersweet" was just putting things in terms of dark chocolate.

Today's first surprise consisted of sitting on I-10 for an extra 20 minutes. I thought I would make the most of it and eat my breakfast bar. I looked in my bag and guess what? No breakfast bar. So by the time I got to work, I was late, hungry, and 20 minutes past my usual caffeination point. Bitter.

So I took care of the caffeine first and then I received the ultimate blessing for someone in my state. My co-worker had been given an extra breakfast from Chic-fil-A by mistake and God bless her, she gave it to me. Free breakfast. Sweet.

At lunch I went by one of my favorite places to eat that's next to work: Boston Market. I like going to Boston Market because it's relatively healthy fast food. And I have made a friend at the drive thru. Sam. She and I have formed a relationship over the past couple of months. She knows my voice and gives me "the usual": a caesar side salad. She asks how wedding plans are going and I ask how her kids are - it's always a light spot in the day. So I'm ready to say hello to Sam. I pulled into the parking lot and notice that the sign was taken off the front. I guess they're renovating. I get closer and notice there are signs on the doors saying they have closed down. What?! Why didn't Sam tell me? Where was the warning? If I would have known, I would have savored the Caesar salad last Wednesday and even more, my conversation with Sam. Bitter.

So I went to my favorite and not so healthy place: Chipotle. I always add guacamole to my burrito bowl. I wasn't really paying attention and when they put the lid on my bowl the lady wrote a "C" on the top with black magic marker. I think the "C" denotes chicken and anytime you add guacamole you are stamped "CG". I swear you can't go anywhere without getting labeled! Well, this time I was only a C. Oh no! My favorite part - the guacamole - it must have been left out! I was pretty bummed. Oh well. I'll save $1.49. I sat down to eat and pulled the lid off and what was there waiting for me, but none other than my guacamole. Nothing says blessed, like free guacamole! Sweet.

Things don't always go as expected. Even the little things that seem so given. If you're in a low spot, just wait for it. There's always Free Guacamole around the corner! And you realize just how good life is...

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  1. Seriously with the Boston Market - not a nice surprise to drive 15 minutes to pick up dinner and have it shut down with no warning!
    BTW: enjoyed the Lola story and thought I should start at the beginning- I like your style.