Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moving Day

Today I am moving out of my apartment and am one step closer to moving out of The Single Life. Liz and I have to officially be out of our apartment by midnight. It is a bittersweet moment. We are each our last girl roommate before we have to go live with a boy. Tear. I am moving everything to our house which will wait for me there until we are married. During the interim of 44 days (who's counting?) I will be a floater. A vagabond. A bum. Ok, more aptly put, a mooch. Thankfully, my friend Carrie has taken me in off the streets and will give me a place to sleep. Thank you, Carrie for keeping me out of the cardboard box waiting for me on Gessner! ;) I'm on my lunch break right now and will have to end it here. Gosh, a chapter about to close. Liz and I have had a lot of great memories! She gets married in 9.5 days by the way! Well, I've got to go say goodbye to the Single Roommate Life as I know it and goodbye to Apartment #2309!

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