Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Our Christmas On...and On...And On...!

Christmas season absorbed me. That's where I've been. Completely absorbed. Sucked into the Christmas Vortex.

Joey and I began our Christmas travels this past weekend. Here's our itinerary:

Livingston for a wedding shower and our first Christmas.

Then back to Houston for the work week and now it's time to get serious...

Ruston, LA
Jonesboro, LA
Natchitoches, LA

Short work week and we're off again...

Livingston for a wedding New Year's Eve.
Crockett for Christmas with Paw Paw Hanks.


I'm sitting on the couch with Bogart, drinking coffee and watching Regis and Kelly just to gear up.

By the way, when did Enrique Iglesias make a come back? I must have been in the Christmas Vortex while this was happening. I don't listen to the radio anymore, I guess. And I believe there is something missing from his face, no?

Another by the way, I think Bogart looks like Max.

He's running around like a crazy dog, so excited to be off for Christmas! Just so you know that's not my leg, it's Joey's. Poor Gus, he has to stay here for the holiday because Joey's truck is in the shop and we can't bring him with us. Thank goodness for neighbors!

Now, I have procrastinated long enough and must start packing! Merry Christmas, friends!!


  1. Funny thing is, I know where all those places in Louisiana are! I'm from Shreveport, which is about 76 miles west of Ruston (I almost went to LA Tech), which is two miles east of Grambling (where my sister finished college). My sister began her college studies at Northwestern in Nachitoches, and like Steel Magnolias (which was filmed in part in that town), and there's a bridge in Shreveport called the Jimmie Davis Bridge. My 6th grade social studies teacher taught us about Jimmie Davis, and I believe he was from Jonesboro? Six Degrees of North Louisiana! Safe travels on all your journeys! Hope you have some time built in to rest from all of them before getting back to the grind of the regular schedule.

  2. Oh my goodness, I had no idea! Joey's dad is a coach at LA tech and played football at Northwestern. My MOL's family is from Jonesboro and FOL is from Nachitoches. And yes, we pass Jimmie Davis' grave each time we visit. :)

    I guess it's a small world afterall! And same to you!