Monday, September 27, 2010


Today is our second wedding anniversary.

Can I just tell you something? I love love being married. To Joey. That's the key for me.

Joey is my best friend.

He's is the most anticipated, yet unexpected blessing I've ever received. Paradox?


I had this picture in my mind ever since I was a little girl of the man I would marry. A mental line up of characteristics this guy would have. I think all girls have this idealized perception.

That's the anticipation.

I didn't get "that guy".

And I am so grateful! My husband makes "that guy" pale in comparison.

Sure, a lot of the attributes were on the list, but he made them better. It's funny to think that Joey is the one that I have been praying about since I was a little girl. God provided what I didn't even know that I needed.

The unexpected.

That's just how God rolls. Your plans and dreams are never quite as big as His. And they're certainly not perfect like His.

Is our marriage perfect? Nope. Goodness knows, marriage brings all selfishness to light. Isn't that part of the plan? But it is in those perfect imperfections that we learn what it really means to love. That's God's intention for marriage. A little glimpse into what Love really is.

So I am thanking God tonight for provision, grace and for giving me a picture of His love through my husband, Joey.

Just for memory's sake, Joey played the song below for me a few months after we started dating. While we were on the way to somewhere. I knew he shared it on purpose. Thank God I was in a moving vehicle, because if I could have gotten up and ran, I would have. The thought that the whole thing was for real scared me to death! But I knew he meant it. About six months later we were dancing in the picture above to the same sang. This time I wasn't running.

Two years and counting...

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