Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Fact #2: Traveling Muse-ician

Joey is so blessed to get to go on road trips with me for the rest of our lives. Why?

Because I provide running dialogue.

I read every sign we pass. Out loud. "Rhonda's Ric Rac Room." And then I ask a question, not unlike an incessantly inquisitive three year old. "Do you think that Rhonda sells ric rac only?"

This is a common answer to my questions: "I don't know, baby." I'm not really expecting any answers to these sort of questions, just co-musing. But like most guys, he thinks that this requires solving and that I'm really needing to know if Rhonda sells only ric rac.

Muse with me baby, muse.



    Reminds me of this movie!

  2. Haha, Tyler would tell you I do the same! "Why do those trees grow leaning so far all to one side?"
    It just means we're creative, intelligent, and inquisitive, right? :)

  3. Haha! Jo, I'm not THAT bad! But close. And just for you "Do forts got carpet?" :)

    And yes, I think it must mean creative, intelligent and inquisitive. Yes, I'm sure. :o)