Monday, March 8, 2010


Oh dear. I have caught It. Baby Fever.

This weekend I got to hold a baby. And not just any baby, but the son of a very dear friend which makes it all the more special. A friend with whom I have walked in tandem from singlehood, then dating, and finally into marriedhood (If this isn't a word yet, I've got dibs on it - let the record show...).

She's basically traveled with me through all the hoods, and has just recently ventured into the newest and most challenging hood of all: motherhood.

I just figured I would let her scope it out first. She'll learn the ropes and then I'll follow later. The timing is to be determined as I wait for the Clif Notes from my scout, although Joey swears that he sees babies in my pupils since we held the baby. I can't lie. You just can't help but think about babies when you hold a newborn.

Baby Fever is catching. It kind of blurs your vision and cloudies up all practical thought. When holding a baby, it's all you can do to not say "I want one of these. Ok! All plans out the window! It's a good thing that it takes two to have a baby as you need one to always keep the other rationale in case of a sudden outbreak of Baby Fever.

I think that God gave babies special gifts that make them absolutely irresistable and therefore perfect for making everyone else want to have babies. Their smell, their adorableness, their absolute faith in you and the way their tiny fingers latch around your one finger. You can't help but be sucked in and absolutely smitten.

BUT, I'm just thinking about it, I promise. I'm not acting upon it, just mulling it over a little. I'm a muller so these things take time. In the meantime, I'll concentrate on learning how to keep my potted plants around for more than a week or two. Here's to Spring and Babies!


  1. smiling...fingers tapping on desk! :)

  2. Jenny, you know what happens to those precious little creatures that melt your heart? Well, if you're lucky as I am and by the Grace of God, they grow into fine wonderful young men who find someone so very special, that their heart now belongs to them. Then when the time is right, they give the most wonderful gift of all (this I've been told by all my friends) "grandchildren" ...:)

  3. Oh dear. Mom, keep tapping those fingers... ;) And yes, when the time is right... :)