Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My husband's home!

Joey's back! Thank goodness! He's been in New York since Saturday morning for work. Sometimes it's good to have a few days a part just so you realize how much you've incorporated someone so completely into your life. It's not the big things as much as the small ones that carry such weight. They make you stop and wonder how you ever lived life as just you. Did a time exist when he wasn't in my mind? Just to share, here are a few of my small moments missing the one I love:

I had great news that I wanted to tell my best friend and he wasn't there.

Watching a scary movie and not knowing when to turn my head and totally missing what was going on, usually I watch him watch these movies and he gives me the narrative.

Only one football game on versus flipping back and forth to five.

When I found his socks in the freshly washed sheets all balled up.

When I realize I haven't had a kiss in 4 days.

Watching the dogs sniff around expectantly trying to find him.

When I push in his dresser drawers and they actually stay closed for a few days.

Not having him to give me the thumbs up on an outfit before wearing it. He'll usually tell me if I'm way off. :)

When I forgot to take out the trash and it was apparent. My job is to refill the bag.

When I put my hand on the other side of the bed and I couldn't find his shoulder.

Just a few of many moments. I'm so glad he's back!

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