Monday, September 7, 2009

Crying Over Spilled Artichokes

I am frustrated. It's Labor Day. We have people coming over to our house in t-minus 2 hours and counting down. I still have to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, finish laundry that I started this morning, prepare two dips to have ready when the guests come, and oh yeah, I haven't showered yet. With much to get done, you must be asking, why are you sitting around blogging?

Ask the can of artichokes. He knows what happened. Joey and I got up this morning and relaxed at Dunn Bros. Coffee had fun talking and people watching and generally the morning was off to a great start. Beautiful Day. We hit the grocery store to get all the stuff we would need for this afternoon. Ran into a friend. Joey and I split the list up and things were off and swimming! We met back up together and there was one item remaining on the list. The can of artichokes. I picked up the can to put it in the basket and that's where things went into slow motion. My basket full, the only room left was in the children's seat. As my hand set the can down, my brain had just enough time to say "Hey, this isn't a good idea. There's open spaces in the front of the cart." Too late. The can of artichokes fell out of the cart and landed right on my big toe at the bed of my nail. It was the kind of pain that radiates throughout your body and you feel it in the pit of your stomach. I couldn't even say anything it took the breath and to be honest, thankfully the words out of my mouth. It was the kind of pain that just makes your tear ducts well up and you can't help but let them spill. And besides the pain, the next thought was horror upon horrors to me, I'm going to lose my toe nail. I do not handle flesh wounds very well. Give me an internal injury or a disease and I'm all over it, but not a smashed finger or a cut that I can see. Especially to do with fingernails or toenails. I couldn't even look at my toe. I made Joey look at it and assess the damage. Not broken. A little bleeding. He doesn't think the nail will fall off. Anything, but the nail falling off. I wanted to throw that can of artichokes across the store.

So this is why I am sitting on the couch with my swollen toe propped up on a pillow when I have so much to do. The only thing that makes me feel better is that I can crank open that can of artichokes and cook them into oblivion. That's what they will get. So I've gotta go. I'm going to hobble over there and show those artichokes who's boss.

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