Monday, June 15, 2009

Soled Out

Have you ever bought shoes from Luke's Locker? It's Joey's favorite place to purchase shoes mainly because they custom fit shoes for your feet and Joey has interesting Size 14 feet. It's hard to just go into a shoe store and buy shoes that fit Joey. And he also really doesn't have much of an arch at all in his foot so shoes can be really uncomfortable. Luke's Locker carries shoes of all sizes and custom fits it for your foot. You can see why this would be Joey's Shoe Heaven. He finally convinced me to go since my shoes were on their last mile. It was completely different from any shoe purchasing experience I've ever had.

I walked into the store looking for the racks of shoes which I was to look through and instead met my "consultant" Christy, who asked me what kind of things I liked to do in my shoes, such as step aerobics, running, walking, etc. Then she made me take off my shoes and walk a few feet down an "aerobic walking runway" all the while staring intensely at my feet and making noises like "hmmm...uhhuh...". Next I had to stand with my feet together so she could look closely at my arches. Then she measured my foot on one of those old fashioned foot measurers. Christy lifted her head and said "Looks like you're a 9 or a 9.5". What?! Some kind of foot measurer you are?! I always wore a 7.5 or an 8. Have my feet grown or have I just been wearing the wrong size since I was 16?! No, she said, we just always go up a size or a size and a half for running shoes since your feet swell. Oh, okay. My panic subsided although I did have this picture in my head of me working out with Jumbo Clown Shoes. She also said that it looks like I'm a Narrow and that she would bring a 9.5 Narrow. For a person whose always turning her foot due to shoes that are too wide, this was like music to my ears.

This is going great, I'm thinking...wait a minute what shoe are we talking about? I haven't even seen a shoe yet! How does she know what to bring? Christy brought out two pairs of shoes...two. This is weird. My choices are two pairs of shoes? For one who likes to try all her options before making a decision, this was odd. "Try them on and tell me how they feel." So I did. And they fit perfectly. I walked down the Aerobic Walking Runway like I had little shoes made of clouds - well, not really "little" shoes, but hey, they felt great. I was sold. Hadn't even looked at the price tag and I was ready to buy. They've gone back to the old fashioned shoe salesman way at Luke's Locker and my feet have gotten all the benefits! If you're in the market for a new pair of running shoes you should definitely check them out. I will be going back for the next pair I buy.

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