Thursday, December 11, 2008

Important Information about Damaging your Psyche

So this morning on the radio I heard that they are now discouraging teachers from using red ink to grade papers because red is a negative color and it hurts a child's psyche. What?! I mean really, what is the world coming to? My papers were graded in red and my psyche seems to be intact. What's next? Will stop signs become Praisingly Pink and red lights become Positive Purple? So what color will be the new standard for grading? Blue ink? No, that might cause depressed moods. The old faithful, maybe black? Death by ink! Heaven knows what that could do to one's psyche! And I'm just curious, what if it's a red smiley? Does that still cause damage or does the positive connotation of the smiley face balance out the negative effects of the red? I'm just wondering.

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