Monday, September 8, 2008

Licensed to Wed

Today we got our marriage license! Joey and I were officially licensed to wed at the courthouse in Rosenberg today. We signed the papers, gave our identification, picked out our license, and thought we were done. The clerk said whoa, wait a minute, raise your right hand. We had to swear with our right hand raised that we did not falsify any documents. Why is it when you swear on something, even if you know what you are saying is true, does it feel like you're hiding evidence? Am I the only paranoid person who gets like this? I get all "Umm, yeah, ummm, sure, no problem, mmmmhmmm, right." while dabbing my forehead and looking around with shifty eyes. Why do I do this? You would think that I was in a confined room with a single light bulb swinging over my head being put to the test with a bunch of questions about my whereabouts on the night of. But no, I'm in the Fort Bend County Clerk's Office, swearing that my name is Jennifer Hanks. Oh geez. I didn't ask Joey if he felt this way too. Maybe it was a good idea to go ahead and get the license before revealing this paranoid behavior. :P

An important aside: Please pray for our wedding this weekend and the weather. The reception is outside and Plan B is to be avoided if at all possible. Take a Hike Ike!

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