Thursday, July 28, 2011

SYTYCD Recap & Lady G

First off, good morning!

Secondly, did you watch So You Think You Can Dance last night? Lady Gaga was one of the guest judges and let me tell you that was interesting. I'm not really sure what to touch on - the hair, the shoes, the shoulder pads or the slightly critical comments she made about the choreography. All made my look closer and then think on it for a moment. Say whaaa-tt?

She pretty much hinted that she wasn't a fan of a lot of the choreographers' interpretations last night. I wonder if the choreographers are thinking - well, there goes our chances of ever choreographing for Lady Gaga, or if they're thinking oh well, it's Lady Gaga what do you expect? It's not like Michael Jackson saying he wasn't a fan of your moonwalk, but it's still Lady Gaga. That's gotta hurt.

Enough about Gaga! On to the dances! My favorite was Melanie and Sasha's crazy girl robot power dance. Sonia choreographed it so what's not to love? I usually love Sonia and Mandy Moore dances.

Here's a peak. Oh, and you'll also get a quick look at Lady Gaga's outfit and out there-ness.

Melanie is still my favorite. If you're watching, who's your favorite?

P.S. I'm a fan of Cat Deeley and I hope she has a good chance at the Emmy!

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