Friday, August 29, 2008

Freshly Baked Books

Today Joey received a box of books that he ordered off Amazon. I jump at the chance to open a fresh box of books. Brand new books happens to be one of my favorite smells. It's right up there with freshly cut grass and the smell of rain. It signals newness and nostalgia for me all at the same time. Promise and reflection. There are probably a few reasons for this, all related to childhood. The first has to do with the fact that I was home schooled until I was a sophomore in high school. Yes, little known fact. Each fall we would get our schoolbooks in the mail in giant boxes. I would be waiting for these books for weeks and would look for the UPS truck every day. Each box held the promise of learning and it was so exciting to go through all the books. Even math books seemed fun on Book Day. The second memory that I associate with the smell of a new book is connected with my grandmother. When I was ten years old she passed away from breast cancer. Christmas was her favorite holiday and she loved buying gifts. That last Christmas she bought all of us gifts that would continue long after she was gone. I think that was her plan. She passed away that January. For each of us kids, she bought a subscription to a monthly book club. Five years later, I still looked forward to receiving those monthly treasures. I wish she could have seen the joy on our faces when we opened our packages. What will we get this time? Anne of Green Gables? Maybe Tuck Everlasting! Each box had stickers you could place on each book that said "This book belongs to _____". I loved it! And of course I had to place a sticker in each book. Anyway, as soon as I opened that box of books today, all these memories came flooding back to me. It's funny how just a smell can do that! I had to share it because it makes me happy. Right now I'm smiling. :)

Speaking of smiling, we're at Day 15!! And tomorrow will be a big landmark - two weeks flat! As I type, Joey is packing things up to go to Livingston for a Work Weekend. He just packed Gus/Houdini into the truck. And I think now that's my cue. Off to the big metropolis! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Post It Notes have Post It Notes!! EEK!

Alright, so things have been a little crazy lately. And this is in all aspects of my life. I wish I could have been blogging all that's been going on, but honestly I just haven't had a chance. Joey's parents went back to Louisiana this weekend and his dad is doing great. Please keep praying for his full recovery. Work has been nuts with a staff member being out for a week now so I'm swinging extra jobs and training someone. I'm spread out between our house, Carrie's house, and my parent's house. I'm craving a routine! I have always thought I was a flexible person, but I have to say that this flexibility has become a little wearing. I'm constantly saying things like "Where are my flip flops? Oh wait, maybe they're at Carrie's. Oh wait no, maybe I left them at my parent's house." I'm thinking I should just keep all the important stuff in my car. It's roomy enough to hold the necessities and travels with me to all locations. Thankfully, only 17 more days of No Routine Madness. Wedding stuff is going well! We're getting closer and things are really coming together. This weekend I had a bridal shower, met with the florist, the cake person, and the ceremony director and we finally ordered our wedding bands. Whew! Joey and I are going to Livingston this weekend to help get some of the last projects done. My mom just started school this last week so I know she's in need of lots of help. Anyway, I will try to be better on checking in on the blog. Right now, Joey and I are about to be off to dinner with our previous teachers, Jamie and Mimi Johns. They've promised to give us a little marital counseling tonight to prepare us for the upcoming life we're about to begin. And we are definitely grateful for advice from those two. Their marriage is a beautiful example of Christ's love and grace. It looks like it might rain so I guess we better get on the road. Gotta love unpredictable Houston traffic!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Planning Procrastination

So right now I am putting off doing wedding stuff that has to be done tonight. Why I'm doing this, I'm not sure. But I do know it has been a theme. I can be great at procrastination. If I was Hindu I would be in serious trouble (other than the obvious) because I would just put everything off until the next life. I need to get my oil changed, oh, I'll just wait until the next reincarnation. Thank goodness I know that Jesus can be coming back any minute now and that the one life God has given me I am living right now. Alright, I've talked myself back up to check off a few items on my list. Thank you for being a part of my procrastination and most likely inviting me to be a part of yours. If you're reading this blog you're most likely procrastinating something! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm on my lunch break and am so happy because my boss has bought our department lunch. What is it about free food that can make me so happy? :)

A few updates. Mr. Perot is doing really well. Thank you for all your prayers and support! He had a few minor set backs with some A-fib, but the doctors said that is not uncommon after the surgery. He is still in the hospital recovering, but is up walking around a bit and everything is looking up. Mrs. Perot is staying at a hotel across the street and is with him during the day and evening during visiting hours. It is truly a blessing that they were able to catch the blockage when they did. Usually the first sign of a heart attack is...well, a heart attack. He had a similar episode this past Christmas and once again, it was perfect in its timing. Since that episode, he has cleaned up his diet, lost I think about 40 lbs., and added more exercise and supplements to his health regimen. In a sense, he has unknowingly been preparing for this surgery. It's so cool to look back and see how God has guided everything. Please keep praying for a speedy recovery. And hey, a little public service announcement: add a little fish oil, vitamin C, B vitamins, and magnesium to your diet for heart health!

In other news from this weekend, we had a couples shower and it was so much fun! Thank you to all our friends for putting it together. It was a "couples shower" thinly veiled as a "party" in order to make the guys less awkward. The term "shower" seems to connotate girl party to them. And it was less formal than a shower and was more just hanging out with friends which we both love! So much fun and we can't wait to put all of our new stuff up in the house! And thank you to Casey - Joey says that the time for getting a Wii is quickly approaching. :)

Bridal Shoes. Check. Wedding day jewelry. Check. Garters. Check. Vocalist for wedding. Check. Going away outfit. Hmmm...still on the list, but getting closer. A few items off the list from this weekend. I love checking things off lists! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Got You Babe

Confession: I actively and willingly participate in Baby Talk. One year and four months ago, I made fun of these people and now I am one - a Baby Talker. By "these people", I mean a person in a relationship who refers to their significant other by a pet name. A person who ends every request to that person with the word baby or darling or whatever ooey gooey name they have found to express their devotion. I NEVER saw myself doing this. I think my response to this before has always been "puh-leeeese!". And here we are. Probably the worst of them all. I have asked Joey's permission to expose our terms of endearment in order to make sure he doesn't mind me bringing all of our mushiness out in the open. I seem to be oblivious to my mushy words until we're in public. I then realize that I sound a little like Diana Ross singing Baby Love and it is then that I am struck with the irony that I used to make fun of people like me. I think there have possibly been whole days where I have not referred to Joey by his actual name. Fortunately, the baby talk is not one sided. Joey is just as bad as I am and I love it. We usually stick with baby or versions of. Sometimes he calls me darlin' in a Southern accent. Wow, I'm admitting to a lot. I hope there is someone out there reading this who is a total cynic like I was and who never thinks it's possible that they could found themselves uttering those same words. I'm telling you it can happen and we are proof.

Speaking of Joey (using his real name here) he is ready to watch a movie so I've gotta go. Hasta la

Friday, August 15, 2008

Great News!

Joey's dad is doing great! We left for the hospital about 4:45 yesterday morning and checked Mr. Petey in at 6am. He went into surgery about 11am. They did a triple bypass and had him out of surgery by about 3:00. He is doing wonderful! We were able to see him yesterday and he looked great for just coming out of major surgery. Thank you for all of your prayers! There is honestly way too much to write about from the past two days so I'm just going to leave it here. Maybe I can comment on some of the happenings soon. Meanwhile, Joey and I are going to have a much-needed relaxed night of just plain hanging out and give Mr. Petey some time to get some rest at the hospital. Tomorrow we will all be a little more refreshed and back in action! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Polly Want a Crackerjack?

Awaiting for us on our chairs this morning at staff meeting was the most wonderful thing. Every chair had a package containing a ball of caramelized popcorn goodness. Now, I am not a huge fan of caramel popcorn, cracker jack, etc, but this exceeded all my other experiences with flavored popcorn. In fact, it was so good that I graciously relieved my other more healthily disciplined co-worker of her popcorn ball. Popcorn has never been a weakness of mine, but now I'm wondering. Thankfully, I would have to order these popcorn balls online in advance so I can't give in to my craving without a serious measure of forethought. But I am thinking I may need to give Crackerjack another chance. Maybe there's more to it than the prize?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Up To Speed

Alright, so it's been a while since my last post. Mainly, because things have been busy. First and foremost, I want to ask for your prayers for Joey and his family. His Dad will be having bypass surgery in Houston on Thursday. This came up quite unexpectedly at the end of this past week and they flew to Houston for an emergency consultation with a heart surgeon after doing a heart cath. They are staying with Joey during the waiting period. Please pray that Joey's dad's heart and body are strengthened for the surgery and that it is successful. Also, that God gives the surgeon wisdom to make any decisions and that his skills are to perfection during the surgery. That the recovery will be swift and that he will heal completely and perfectly. And lastly, that his family will be strengthened and encouraged during this time. I will keep you posted, literally, on the situation. It looks like it will be a good surgery and your prayers are definitely appreciated!

On a very positive note, my roomie was married this weekend! Liz is officially Liz Dammel now! Yay! It was so much fun to be a part of their Big Day and Liz was absolutely beautiful! I had so much fun hanging out with her sisters and Mom getting everything ready. And I cried during the ceremony. I wanted to cover my face with my bouquet. I was not expecting this and it makes me a little nervous about my reaction to my own Big Day. Yikes! It makes me wonder if the real tradition of the bridal veil was started to give the blubbering bride time to get her act together and get one last good sniffle in. It's good that I've seen my emotional side lately so I can be adequately prepared. I think I might just be so very happy the day is finally come that I will be laughing and just so ready to get to the end of the aisle. But just in case, can you say waterproof mascara?

In other news, my future brother-in-law Josh, graduated from Texas A&M grad school! Congratulations, Josh! Joey was so proud. And Joey came up with a good idea to make it through an exhaustingly long A&M graduation ceremony: Skittles. Come in packin' right?! ;)

I will keep everyone posted on Mr. Perot's surgery. Thank you for all your prayers!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Edouard, just a fancy name for Edward. Hurricane Edouard, just a fancy name for a little rain. I enjoy a good thunderstorm. I have always loved to listen to the heavy rain on the roof and the thunder booming so much that you can feel it. I love watching the lightening from the window and I think it's an adventure when the lights go out. It's just plain exciting to me. So needless to say, I was slightly disappointed in Edward's, oh excuse me, Edouard's showing. Now, I'm glad that it did not wreak total havoc, but I was left feeling like I was still waiting on something. Kind of like watching a fireworks show, anticipating the grand finale, only to discover it already happened. Wait, THAT was it? Oh well. I did find a few teenagers having fun with the leftovers. These kids would stand on the side of the road next to a large puddle and wait until they saw a car nearing. Then they would jump up and down and point to the puddle in hopes that the car would splash the puddle and all its muddy contents onto them. Maybe you have to be 14 to find this game fun. I was really hoping that the Hurricane Season would shake a good one out of its system before September 13th. You know, get all the weather wrinkles out for smooth sailing the rest of the season. That being said, I am glad everyone has made it safely through the terrifying storm that was Edouard. Congrats, guys!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Girl Without a Face

Today I have been forced to go without makeup. Throughout all the moving process and a trip to Livingston this weekend, I left my makeup bag in Joey's truck last night. Horror upon horrors! If you're a guy and you're reading this, you're probably thinking "no big deal" and you are probably also thinking the title is a slightly dramatic. But if you're a girl you know what this is like. It feels like you are walking around without a necessary piece of clothing or a vital organ. Ok, maybe not a vital organ, but one that makes you consciously aware that it's missing even though it's not necessary for living. I'd liken it to walking around in flip flops without your pinky toe. You just know everyone is looking at your missing pinky toe! I keep waiting for people to do a double take. For someone to notice that I'm practically missing eyes and cheekbones. But they haven't. Either they're just nice or yikes, even more scary a thought, wearing makeup really isn't helping me out as much as I think it is. Oh dear. In order to keep my self-esteem intact, I'm going to choose right now not to dwell on that idea. In fact, I'm choosing to go to Target on my lunch break and remedy the situation. I'll be on the makeup aisle...

P.S. Today our wedding countdown can put be in terms of Noah. Joey and I officially have 40 days until we see the olive branch so to speak - a.k.a 40 days until we get married!! :)