Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exciting News I Have

Things I need to say:

I could eat a caprese salad every day of my life. Fresh mozarella, tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar...these are my kind of people. I know I have a German heritage, but is it possible that I was Italian in a past life? Maybe Jenny Boyardee?

Joey and I have now reconciled a terrible grievance that could have wreaked havoc on our marriage. Thank goodness we caught it early. The things that marriage counseling just doesn't cover, sheesh! Yes, he has finally watched the Star Wars' Trilogy. It is a miracle that we are married. What can I say? The Force is with us and it's about time because my random Yoda speak and Wookie jokes fall flat with him. Ready we are.

Things they should tell you when you purchase a yoga mat online: they put some kind of oil on it so that it doesn't stick together when rolled. Apparently you are supposed to wash this off. Again, things they should say before one tries to use it in yoga class. I was so excited to use my new mat, but let's just say that many in class probably thought I was doing the Drunken Downard Dog as my feet and hands would NOT stay put. It was more Downward Dog meets the Scooby Doo run.

Now that we have these important things out of the way, I must tell you something:

I GOT A NEW JOB! Tomorrow is my last day at my current place and I start on Monday! I'll give you more details soon.

P.S. You know that I really don't believe that I was Jenny Boyardee in a past life, right? Nah, it's more like Jenny Ragu. That's amore!