Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wistfully White Weekend

Ahh...Labor Day weekend. I love it. It's a last long summer stretch that's just right.

It also happens to put an end to all things white. So like all practical girls, I wore all my white stuff out this past week until it was black and blue. I just have to make sure my summer white wardrobe has been fully taken advantage of before banishment to the back of my closet until Easter.
Am I the only one who goes into a frenzy with seasonal clothes before The Change?

My wardrobe days went like this:

Monday - white pants
Tuesday - ruffled white shirt with linen tweed paints
Wednesday - off white flowy shirt with white and taupe striped pants
You get the picture...

I wore everything white that I own with the exception of my wedding dress and had there been one more work day in the week it might have even made an appearance. Wouldn't my co-workers have been surprised if I would have shown up in my wedding dress? "Oh, this old thing?" - that's what I would have said.

I always tend to do this the week before Labor Day. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE fall and color clothing options that come with it, but I feel completely guilty about not having spent quality time with the whites in my closet. I'm hoping that this last ditch effort will prevent them from seeking therapy once placed on the back hanger. If you see them on Montel Williams you at least know I gave it a shot. Is that still on?

Meanwhile, guess what was added to Joey's wardrobe last week?

Yup. Kelly Kapowski. Apparently it was 90's week at his Crossfit gym. Joey seemed to be quite pleased with his new shirt. Kelly was his favorite on Saved by the Bell. I always thought Jessie and Lisa were prettier than Kelly, but apparently that's just me. I really think this shirts all talk. There's no way Joey would EVER wear this. I can't even get him to wear pastels or patterns so I doubt it if Kelly Kapowski comes out of the closet. If you see me on Montel Williams, you know what happened.
Hope you and your family had a great Labor Day Weekend and are well-rested! Also, I hope you wore out your whites too!