Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bored Straight

I have board straight hair. Or bored straight is often what I think of when I look at my hair. Nothing to it. Left to it's own devices, my hair is the Marsha Brady. I know, I know...many pay lots of moola to have their hair straightened, but I just want a little oomph.

It all started when one of my friends said she had no idea that she had curl in her hair until one day when she was in a hurry, she left it damp and just added a friend's curl friendly hair gel. And poof, she now wears her hair curly most of the time.

Well, this little story only fed my dream of having "natural" curls or even just a little wave. Maybe this was what my hair had been waiting for: a miracle product. Maybe, just maybe - I too have an undiscovered Shirley Temple.

And so began the search to find this curly top miracle product.

I scoured shelves of hair products to find anything that said something along the lines of "Your hair may not be curly now and in fact, may be straight after days in rollers, but this product has the ability to change your hair DNA."

Here's how my results measured up in terms of Marsha Brady hair.

After curl enhancing product A:

After magnificent volume and wave product B:

After miraculous if-a-single-curled-hair-were-in a haystack-we-will-find-it product C:


I will not name the products that I tried, but I will say that as I my wavy hair dream disippated so did the amount that I was willing to spend on DNA changing products.

What I have decided is that God must have given me straight hair for a reason. Because of my bored straight hair, the routine takes me 6 minutes max: 4 to dry and 2 to "fix", a.k.a run a brush through and spray. Upon further inspection, considering that curly hair requires more skill and I have trouble mastering the round brush, it is a blessing in disguise - or should I say, in Marsha Brady hair.

Have I given up? Almost. I'm leaving it in the hands of the one who blessed me with this hair DNA. I'm now limiting my quest to prayer.

If the next time you see me and are expecting to see Marsha Brady and get Andi McDowell instead - you know what happened.

A divinely inspired product miracle.


  1. There was a point in my life that I desperately wanted my hair to be both board straight and curly. I took matters into my own hands and got a perm....three days later they were chemically straightening it back and I now appreciate my board straight hair. I got keratin so my hair is now super straight and it cuts down my drying time and there is no need to straighten. Moral of the story: DON"T GET A PERM!!! :)

  2. Casey, I haven't gone there yet and I'll take your word for it. I had a couple of bad perms in junior high so the chances of me perming again are slim. P.S. Your hair is always beautiful and silky shiny!

  3. Hey girl! I love reading your blog! On this matter, I am quite familiar, unfortunately. You should consider yourself lucky that your hair is straight and it takes you so little time to fix! My ridiculous hair has always had this crazy in-between thing going on. It has just enough curl/wave in it that I have to use a flat iron. BUT that curl isn't strong or "curly" enough to actually go curly and stay there. I've given up trying to go curly and have resigned myself to a lifetime of straighteners. lol Anyway, keep up the good blogging, it's great to hear from you!

  4. Hi Amy! Thanks for the perspective! We all have our own hair woes, I suppose. The hair is always straighter or curlier on the other head. :)

  5. I feel you so deeply about the board or bored straight hair! Its like working amiracle to get a curl to stay - forget it in Houston weather. Well I might get it to work 2 days out of the year in the FREEZING winters we have here.
    However - straight hair or not - you are gorgeous! :)