Thursday, November 6, 2008

New President...New Post

So, I was so stressed out from The Election that I decided to hold off posting for two weeks and instead spent the time that I would have been blogging in prayer for our nation. Ok, in all seriousness not really, but I wish I would have. Until the last few months, I have not been that great at praying for our nation. Most of the time, my prayers are caught up in the small scope of my life. A wake up call. It was a good one and much needed.

Since my last post:
- Joey and I have gotten new carpet and tile and are still working on getting everything back in order.

- We have returned all duplicate gifts from our registries. I still have credit at some stores due to my lack of skill when it comes to making decisions regarding inconsequential items. Lamps are apparently my weak spot. I just can't decide! But, neither can Joey. :)

- I turned my calendar to November at work - expecting something, well, Novembery. November is pink roses. Did I get a pictorally defective calendar?

- A new discovery: Gus' hair was on my desk at work. To my knowledge he is not employed at my office. But, I'm not ruling out moonlight office work due to his history of mysterious, late night outings.

- We have gotten our wedding pictures back. Yay! I'll have to post them soon.

- Oh and I have cut my hair. It's an inch or so below my chin. I figured I'd hooked Joey officially so I could cut the hair. Next I'll really let myself go and stop shaving. Just kidding. They always say guys like girls with long hair, but Joey loves my hair short.

Now that The Election's over I'll be checking in more often. You know I'm kidding right? Really, life just got busy. I'm sure it won't happen again. :P

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