Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Husband - The Amazing No Hands Driver

Joey has a new game. When driving home, we get within one mile or so of our house, and suddenly my husband becomes The Amazing No Hands Driver! That's right, folks. He navigates the Katy suburbs with AJ Foyt intensity all WITHOUT the use of arms! Look Ma! No hands! The entire rest of the way is sprinkled with comments like "Oh baby, you see how I handled that turn? I hope our children inherit this gift. Oh no, coming up on the neighborhood turn in, It's going to be tough, but oh oh - yeah! Perfect execution! Does your husband have talent, or what?!" Hmmm.... I'm just wondering what's going to happen when we get pulled over for veering to a certain side of the lane a few too many times. That's where the real talent will come in. The explaining. Sorry, officer. My knee lost control of the wheel. That's probably not going to take us any further than I walk down the line and a breathalyzer test. I don't know whether I should encourage his talent in order for him to perfect his skills for our safety OR whether I should completely discourage it. If you tell a husband to drive with hands, will he rebel when he gets out on the road and on his own and drive with no hands? Maybe a more seasoned wife would know the answer to these questions...

By the way, at this point, I have told Joey that I'm blogging about his driving skills and he asked that I make the following amendment for accuracy: it is not one mile from our house, but three. And on that note, I have answered my own question. I think I will let him perfect his skills.

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