Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sometimes it rains...doggies from heaven?

Gus needs a friend. If you're not familiar with Gus from previous posts, Gus is our dog. He's Joey's original dog that has been staying with Joey's parents until he bought the house. While he was at Joey's parents house he had two other little dog playmates and needless to say now he is, well, lonely. I have been wanting a little dog so bad! My Dad was a Cat Guy growing up (very similar in cat/dog opinions to Robert Deniro's character in Meet the Parents) and was not a dog fan. Mom and I have hypothesized that it has to do with a puppy he had as a little boy that barely made it past puppyhood, hence childhood trauma. He denies this, but this is the only plausible reason for a guy choosing a cat over a dog we can come up with. Anyway, this all being mentioned just to establish both my reasons for being 27 and never having owned a dog and also to say that it's about time I get a dog of my own! We're in the process of choosing the type. I've really been pulling for a miniature Yorkie, but Joey's been a little concerned about the size and that he might step on it. He has not nixed the idea completely, but he's just not sold. Well, tonight I thought I got my wish. Joey and I were walking Gus around the neighborhood and no kidding, were just talking about what kind of dog to get when what comes up to us but none other than the cutest miniature Yorkie I have ever seen! He was just out in the road all alone. So with Hugs in tow, that's his name, we asked some of the neighbors if they had ever met his acquaintance. Nothing. He had numbers on his tags so we took him back home and left mesages at the owners' number. And waited for a call and while this little bundle of cuteness hopped on the couch, rolled over, gave us kisses, and basically completely endeared us to him. At this point I'm thinking, is it possible that my little puppy prayer for a Yorkie was signed, sealed, and delivered at instant prayer gratification warp speed? Even Joey was starting to think that Hugs might be at least an over night guest. My mind is instantly spinnning away thinking of Hugs as a permanent member of our family. "Where will Hugs sleep?, Hugs and Gus, Hugs in a little dog suit, Hugs" - and then the owner called... :(

So I guess we're still on the dog search...

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