Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm on my lunch break and am so happy because my boss has bought our department lunch. What is it about free food that can make me so happy? :)

A few updates. Mr. Perot is doing really well. Thank you for all your prayers and support! He had a few minor set backs with some A-fib, but the doctors said that is not uncommon after the surgery. He is still in the hospital recovering, but is up walking around a bit and everything is looking up. Mrs. Perot is staying at a hotel across the street and is with him during the day and evening during visiting hours. It is truly a blessing that they were able to catch the blockage when they did. Usually the first sign of a heart attack is...well, a heart attack. He had a similar episode this past Christmas and once again, it was perfect in its timing. Since that episode, he has cleaned up his diet, lost I think about 40 lbs., and added more exercise and supplements to his health regimen. In a sense, he has unknowingly been preparing for this surgery. It's so cool to look back and see how God has guided everything. Please keep praying for a speedy recovery. And hey, a little public service announcement: add a little fish oil, vitamin C, B vitamins, and magnesium to your diet for heart health!

In other news from this weekend, we had a couples shower and it was so much fun! Thank you to all our friends for putting it together. It was a "couples shower" thinly veiled as a "party" in order to make the guys less awkward. The term "shower" seems to connotate girl party to them. And it was less formal than a shower and was more just hanging out with friends which we both love! So much fun and we can't wait to put all of our new stuff up in the house! And thank you to Casey - Joey says that the time for getting a Wii is quickly approaching. :)

Bridal Shoes. Check. Wedding day jewelry. Check. Garters. Check. Vocalist for wedding. Check. Going away outfit. Hmmm...still on the list, but getting closer. A few items off the list from this weekend. I love checking things off lists! :)

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